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Upturn Funds Caribbean Charting New Horizons with the Unveiling of its Maritime Transportation Logistics Initiative

Press Release: Bridgetown Barbados – September 11, 2023

Upturn Funds Caribbean, the venture capital arm of Pleion Group Inc. is thrilled to announce its key participation in the upcoming Caribbean Investment Forum 2023 taking place October 23 – 25 in Nassau, Bahamas – the region’s premier event in the Caribbean for trade and investment.

The company’s participation in the roundtable on transportation and logistics at the Caribbean Investment Forum 2022 played a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the strategic partnership formed with key participants at last year’s event. The diverse perspectives and industry insights shared during the discussion not only broadened Upturn Funds Caribbean’s understanding of the complexity of the transportation and logistical issues facing the Caribbean but also sparked innovative ideas and solutions that were later intentionally incorporated into its strategic plan for the Caribbean.

Head of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Consultant to Upturn Funds Caribbean, Jennifer Highland, who played a pivotal role in solidifying the company’s participation in CIF2022 and CIF23 noted that, “seizing the opportunity presented to Upturn Funds Caribbean was timely as it relates to the alignment of the company’s strategic vision for the sector to that of the needs of the Caribbean as it relates to maritime transportation, shipping and logistics, ecommerce and the movement of people.” She revealed that these solutions will be comprehensively addressed with the presentation of the company’s multi-million-dollar ferry service initiative at CIF2023 during the Logistics & Transport Investment Village on Day 2 of the forum. 

Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas, Chairman and CEO of Upturn Funds Caribbean expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying, “We are excited to join forces with our partners in this endeavor. Our shared commitment to innovation and excellence will enable us to provide the region with world-class transportation and logistics solutions with our comprehensive ferry service which will see the opening of new markets for Caribbean entrepreneurs and the bolstering of economic activity within the economies of the region whilst closing the gap that has prevented real Caribbean integration.”  He conveyed his appreciation to Caribbean Export Development Agency for providing the platform that helped to birth this very important collaboration with key industry stakeholders that will benefit the people of the Caribbean.

As Upturn Funds Caribbean embarks on this transformative journey, they invite all relevant industry stakeholders to stay tuned for updates on the exciting developments that will result from this collaboration. The company will be providing all interested parties equal opportunity to gain early advantage, help influence strategy, establish meaningful industry connections and explore collaborative opportunities that will drive the industry forward at its bi-annual event CIS2024 slated to take place in Bridgetown Barbados.


Upturn Funds believes that the importance of the role of business lies in sustainable development that creates a better society for all that are involved. It is with this solid belief system that we focus our energy on creating and teaming up with other organizations that seek to solve many societal problems with solutions that benefit people from all socioeconomic standings. Our focus is on driving initiatives that use the scale of our network, our products, our financial resources, and the collective expertise and commitment of our employees, to reach those traditionally underserved, providing them with access to resources that can help improve their economic livelihoods, businesses and communities. We are committed to generating wealth to all of our investors through social responsibility ventures that benefit both the investor and the community at large.


Jennifer M. Highland

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Consultant

TEL: 1 (246) 539-7878


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